Subjectivity of the Rarity

Subjectivity of the Rarity

Profile: Arturo Coria Altamirano

1972 Born in Mexico City, 1999 graduate from National School of Painting Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda" in Mexico (specialization in sculpture), 2000-2001 Worked as assistant of art and design for the movie"The Vampire Los Muertos" (Art in Motion Mexico S.A. de C.V.).

Lived in Japan since 2001, 2002 Focussed mainly on group activity at TALLER LA COCHERA group(~2009), 2010 Participated in the Project K, creative work, sponsored by Toyota. 2012 Belong to Paragon International Art Gallery. Since 2010 work at own atelier "Taller lAgArtO localized in 162-0066 東京都‎ 新宿区市谷台町 10-10 (Tokyo Shinjuku ku, Ichigayadaimachi) Japan.


2000 "los ciervos de Thanos" Hospital Adolfo Lopez mateos, Mexico city.
1998 "Exit-o",Galeria la Esmeralda, Mexico city.
1999 "Urbanidades", Museo Guillermo Sprating, Mexico city.
2000 "Entoropias Escultoricas", Insutituto Politecnico, Mexico city.
2003 "1st International Exhibition of 1000 small box" at Kankaku Museum in Miyagi.
"22th Exhibition Contemporary Art of Paper Imadate" at Fukui Art Museum in
2004 "9th International Competition and Exhibition Art Mirai" at Tokyo Metropolitan Art
Museum in Tokyo.
"Sonda Telescópica Exchange Exhibition Japan - Mexico sounder telescopic"
At Mitaka Culture Arts Center in Tokyo / at Gallery Raquel Tibol in Mexico City.
2005 "International Exhibition Japan and Mexico SONIDOTO" at Satoshi Gallery in
2006 "cadena arriba - taller la cochera AC x MM = TC” at UPLINK GALLERY in Tokyo.
2007 "Independent Book Exhibition"at Hyogo Fine Arts Museum in Ashiya.
"The Library 2007" at Artspace in Tokyo
2012 "First exhibition at Tokyo 2012 Art Fair" Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo Japan.
"Pusan Art Show in Korea" Pusan Korea
"Dualism exhibition" Nihon Bashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo Japan.
2013 "Affordable Art Fair Edition 5" April 4, New York USA。
"Taller la Cochera exhibition" Gallery Ni Modo, Harayuku Tokyo.
"Día de Muertos" November 1 LANCUL Gallery, Shimokitasawa Tokyo.
2014"Anímalos Invaden Aztecas " Restaurant Aztecas, Kannai Kanagawa
"Cultura y lengua de los Muertos" octubre 25 Lancul, Shimokitasawa Tokio.
"Día de Muertos" noviembre 1 Instituto Cervantes Yotsuya Tokyo

from 2003 to 2010 more than 50 exhibitions with the group and project Taller la Cochera in galleries and shopping centers like Matsuya, Isetan, Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya and galleries as Spyral, Moe, Atrium, Show Window in Sony Building, Roof Gallery, Nishikawa, Afternoon Tea Living. in Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, Gifu, Osaka, Kumamoto, etc ... This is some of them.

2003 "UN POEMA-GUERRA PIRRICA" CAMINANDO gallery, Singapore / Italia.
2004 "TALLER LA COCHERA - ANIMALIA" Asobi no Gallery, Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo
2006 "otoño coloricaido octubral" gallery NISHIKAWA, Kyoto.
"Exhibition for the publication of the picture book" surface of Sony Building, Tokyo.
2007 "Animalios from a mysterious world" Surface & the entrance of Ginza Sony
Building, Toky
2008 "Invited to a cheerful wind" Afternoon Tea Living, Fukuoka Daimaru, Fukuoka.
"gota de Animalia" xe Gallery, Ebisu Mitsukoshi, Tokyo.
2009 "Jardín Animalia" gallery moe, Kumamoto.