Megan Wiley is a qualified Artist and Art Educator while holding an Associates in General Studies of Art's degree from Navarro College in Waxahachie, as well as a Bachelors in Visual Art's Studies from the University of North Texas.

​Megan is no stranger to both creating and selling works of art, while also teaching students, having spent the past 5 years creating and selling works of art to clients around the state of Texas. Furthermore, having spent cumulatively 3 years in between teaching as a substitute and Art Educator in Title 1 schools around the DFW area. Megan specializes in guiding students towards using their imagination and creativity, this includes, but is not limited to life coaching, cross-curricular instruction, and promoting problem solving (STEM/ STEAM) based instruction for a broad ESL student population.

​Megan has a varied background ranging anywhere from engineering, gallery shows, basic programming, graphic design, photography, metal-working to playing guitar, painting, and jewelry making. Megan's acquired skills provided the perfect foundation for becoming a professional Artist and Art Educator.