The Royal Haggs

The Royal Haggs


My name is Demeatria, i'm a 23 yr old artist in the Dallas area from Austin, Tx. My artwork is inspired by colors, emotions, the environment as well as my spirituality. I strive to leave people with a sense of healing, peace and enjoyment for years to come when they purchase my artwork. My primary focus is abstract art, but I enjoy painting portraits and illustrating as well. Art is for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to add me on my social networks below or email where you can request custom pieces for yourself or as a gift. Thank you for stopping by. God Bless!

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Upcoming Events: April 1st-7th $24 Birthday Flash Sale!
**All sales are final, prices subject to change after upcoming flash sale expires 4/07/14 12a.m.**

$24 Birthday Flash sale! 4/1- 4/7


Acrylic Abstract

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