Michal Dunaj Artworks

Michal Dunaj Artworks


Hi folks & welcome to my gallery!

I always loved cars, industrial design, architecture, and art itself was something that I silently adored. Only few months before starting to attend university, my health had gone wrong. I've been that type of silent and humble guy, and kept all my problems inside. But, as I never imagined, it evolved into depression, which after years of treatment became chronical. Since this changed my professional intentions, completely altered everyday life, it also affected my ability to express. Still, I needed to be creative. I need it, constantly. It's a sort of catharsis, relax, self-realization. It fills up all the difficult days with sparkles of hope. And as we now live in this digital age, with always more possibilities in our hands, I've found my way to express.

I started with fractal art, tried webdesign, digital photography, 3D graphics, I even mixed my own electronica tracks lol... Then I settled on post-edited fractals, and have also great pleasure to reprocess my older works with mobile devices & apps.

In this gallery I will offer you the ones I find most interesting. I have created over 350 works and re-edits throughout past few years, but will try to keep things simple & tidy, so you all can (hopefully) enjoy what makes me happy. And, perhaps, it will make you happy too - well that's another purpose - it would drive me desperate if there was noone to share my art with.

Now enough of self-promoting :D it's your turn, scroll down the page and see if you will like what it has to show.

Have a nice time & great thanks for stopping by!


Fractal Art 2011 - 2016