MC Timmy

MC Timmy

Art breathes and flows. Colors and lines tell stories. I like to think my art reflects that.
Although Comicbook and Graffiti styled pieces are where my training is baced, I try to incorporate all other styles of art in my pieces. In particular, I am quite fond of the intricacies found in the art of the natives, particularly the Shoshone and Navajo. I also take a lot of inspiration from early to more modern African art. Recently I have gained a great deal of respect for the traditional (TRAD TAT) tattoo world, and have even dabbled some with manga (THE HAIR!!!!)....however, I will continue to switch it up, and never become complacent in a single style.
I'll probably never paint a really pretty perfect landscape either.
Not saying I won't.
But I can't fathom me selling out to that extent.
Maybe I'll paint a super perfect landscape.
Then piss on it.
And sale it.
But the person who buys it will never know.
And the joke will be on them.
And I will laugh.
A silent.
(Yet somewhat disturbing) Laugh.

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