M. Cordero Watercolor Studio

M. Cordero Watercolor Studio


A self taught artist, Mike Cordero had his first taste for creativity in high school. Three years of experimenting with different mediums in class revealed his love for sketching and watercolor. He was inspired by his highly talented and encouraging art teacher who expressed to the other students “we have an artist in our class” as he observed the completed landscape sketch on Mike’s desk and later other acrylic landscapes.

After high school, college and life took Mike on a different journey far from his passion for art which soon became a fleeting memory. Three decades later Mike renewed his artistic passion after discovering that sketching and watercolor painting helped him cope with a debilitating neurological pain syndrome he’s been suffering for close to 10 years. Art transports him to a refuge of creativity where beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, still life, portraits, animals, abstracts and many other peaceful subjects are found. Join him on this journey; travel to his state of peace through expressive brush strokes where watercolors flow to create expressions of color that touch the hidden places of the heart. Enjoy M. Cordero’s Watercolor Studio!

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