McInerney Artist,  ( Bill McInerney)

McInerney Artist, ( Bill McInerney)

I'm Bill McInerney, of Hudson N.H. I'm from Lowell, MA, graduated from BU, was drafted into US Army and served in France. My interest in art has been lifelong and my favorite artist are Max Beckmann, Jim DIne ( Printmaker), Picasso, Elmer Bischoff, Alice Neal, to name but a few.

My interest in asr began when I was very young. My father started out as a textle chemist, or colorist and we often talked about the magic and power of colors. At 14, I suffered an eye injury ending my artistic asperations. Over time my vision improved, and I began taking night classes at the Massachusetts College of Art.

I generally work now in pencil, pen and ink, watercolors and pastels.
I'm of the opinion that art is to be enjoyed.


June 2021

Mask of Pretend King

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March 17

March 2021 art work.

Febuary 2021


January 2001

I'm Missing A Lot

November 2020

Green Wih Envy

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