MC Glass Art

MC Glass Art

"I love the art of glass making the very first moment I saw it. I can see through it clearly, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, to create beautiful glass art that people can appreciate and enjoy. "

Hung Nguyen has an everlasting passion for glass art. For over 35 years, Hung Nguyen has been recognized for his exceptional skills in creating and designing outstanding glass art pieces and earned him the title Master of Glass Art. His art represents nature and sea life like Flowers, Animals and Abstract.

Hung Nguyen uses flame-working technique to create one of a kind fine art glass sculpture. Each piece created by hand using borosilicate glass rod. It has strength; it can be repaired after an accident, and beautiful crystal, sometime adds on many different colors and pulling the hot glass into beautiful shaper. The piece often take weeks or months to creates of hard works.
In 1985, Hung became a glass sculpture artist and worked along with one of the best international acclaimed glass master, Hans Godo often describes Hung Nguyen is not only an outstanding glass artist but is also a gifted designer. He has been recognized with numerous awards, in publication and exhibition. Along the way, he had the wonderful experience to create several work of arts for some of his famous pieces are the McDonald Arches on display at the McDonald’s headquarters in Oakbrook, IL and Subway Sandwiches at the Subway Headquarter in Connecticut. His art can be found in the homes of the world’s most famous people such as President George W. Bush, Mr. Mikhail.

Snow Flake

Flame of Excellence