Mark Courage Fine Art

Mark Courage Fine Art

Powerful, expressive, dynamic, intuitive – all words to describe Mark Courage’s explosive work. His paintings ooze with emotion and captivate your attention as layers of depth reveal themselves further each time you engage with them.

Come discover the talent in capturing sports, portraits (non-traditional and traditional), and fine art. Mark’s style – figurative/expressionistic/abstract/realism. His mediums – are oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphite, and mixed media. Sound impossible? See for yourself!

Mark’s passion for artistic endeavors deepens with each passing day, as does the technical and expressive quality of his creations.

At a very early age, Mark Courage showed passion and aptitude for drawing, creating elaborate art from his imagination. However, Mark had no one in his life who knew how to recognize and nurture that talent. Slowly, he let his art go and plunged into the world of more conventional endeavors.

In his 30’s, Mark began to play around with reawakening his artistic abilities. He took a few classes. He performed some illustration work and was commissioned for portraits. But, once again he had to put art aside to fulfill family responsibilities and to deal with a chronic, degenerative illness.

In 2010, following a heart attack, Mark knew that he needed to return to nurture his artistic talents. He turned his basement into an art studio, working evenings and weekends to explore where his talents could take him. Immediately, his technical skill began to shine through across multiple painting and drawing mediums. As time progressed, his imagination began to turn back on, as he began seeing images in his mind’s eye throughout the day, and waking him at night, transforming them into paintings.

Now, he is bringing his intuitive creations to share with you, to challenge your thinking and perception. Join him in his journey to see where art, through his hands, unfolds.

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