Michelle Castellands

Michelle Castellands


Hi everyone my name is Michelle Castellands I'm a Northern Virginia-Based Mixed Media artist from Venezuela.

Since a little girl I had a love for art always visited museums and stared at paintings I often use to visit my town Church not because I'm very religious but because they had most gorgeous sculptures and paintings.
Recently I was facing some very difficult life experiences and I found myself walking into an Art supply store decided to buy my first set of canvas and some paint and I just started painting.
It was the most wonderful smoothing feelin I had experience in my life.
It was like nothing in the world was happening except bright colors moving on my canvas since that day I haven't stop and I still love every second I spend mixing colors, preparing my canvas and seeing every piece turning into a finished piece.
Please take a look at my work and share your thoughts you can also follow me in Instagram @michellecastellandsstudio

Thank you