M.B in colors and in words

M.B in colors and in words


To imagine, to feel, to seek, to innovate, to testify with lucidity and impertinence, to tell ... and to create, to express our emotions, our reflections, or our vision of the world, in short our universe.

But, if the artist puts into his (her) work what makes his (her) point, many things slip in spite of himself.

However, the viewer sees what he (she) wants to see according to his (her) culture, but also what his (her) own imagination suggests.

So come, let yourself be carried away by your imagination to some elsewhere. So welcome to a world between dream and reality ! A world where time, as the scene, fade, where the characters come and go, similar and different, so that the stories become stories or legends, ancient or mythical. A world while paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings on glass, pyrographed wood, mix of styles and materials


I have always been interested in different cultures, legends, myths, stories, and I loved watching, curious about everything. Throughout all this, I developed a reflection involved in my world. These cultural wanderings naturally inspired me when I started to draw, sculpt, paint, write.

That is why my approach is part of a dream world, based on the tales, legends and other mythologies. This with a search for recurring themes but also universal and their projections on the present or the future. So, sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative, often somewhat surreal, my work reflects the vision of our world, from a distance, beyond appearances.

Throughout my writings, as of my achievements, characters go, come and go, diffrent and similar others, reflections split into kaleidoscopes, according to their stories woven with the history of which, little by little, they become the frame. Through my writings, my accomplishments, I wish to express the light, as the movement, the rhythm ... the music of life.

All my works : www.mbcolorsandwords.com

Member of ADAGP

In words, one of this titles interests you, you can find it :

- on LULU (paper A4 format and color printing),
- on AMAZON (digital versions and paper A4 format and color printing).

Libretto for a rock opera

- Winter’sChorus
Booklet to a rock opera built like an ancient drama in which the hero dialogues with choirs, both offset and timeless.

Science fiction

- TheTravel Diary from Elsewhere
Retracing the journey of an explorer to discover another world, in which he has for only fellow the board computer that has a certain personality.

New - novels

- Tales of Carrousel

Series of news telling a same day view by different members of the circus with their dramas, their joys, their lives.

- Portraits in Rainbow
Serie of news each talling its hero.

- Twenty years in May and Af ter ...?
Fresco on several periods of lifes through events, news, felt ... air time.


- ForgottenTales and Poems in Illustrations
Set of poems with their illustrations, drawings pen and pastels, along with a collection of stories that told of Time Traveller long day.

- TheTales in Elsewhere
With drawings pen and pastels that relate the course of these timeless characters that are Time Travellers.

Witness - account

- The Justice of Predators
Where are note the chronics, non-romanticized, of the struggles of an entrepreneurs family face the harassment of all kinds.

Legends - fantastic

- The Legend of the Turquoise Planet
Set of 11 volumes gathered in five volumes, including a collection of poems, in four parts, each illustrated by a painting or a sculpture or a drawing or engraving who find themselves, for some, in other volumes where is composing the history of this planet by will of songs, some passages back, similar and different, refrains Times.

Along water ... along time

Along wind ... along renewal

Along renewal ... along times

Along moons ... along destinies

Illustrations to Forgotten Poems


Surreal Abstractions Gallery