Raouf Imad Abed Al-Salam Al Attar, iraqi art , born in Baghdad 1982,spent my childhood withe the colors and papers , my godfather was my father , in life all my habit share my art on the world , hope most pepole had my paint , so i will tell you something about me

Diploma from Fine Art Institution / Design and Printing Department
Diploma in International Press
Bachelor of Art /Fine Art College

Head of
1-The Royal Society of Fine Art / Formal
2-The Art Committee in the Creative Culture Group
3- The Art Committee in the Youth For The Sake of Art Society

Founder member of:
a)Creative Culture Group
b) Youth For The Sake of Art Society
c) Youth meeting

Member of:
*Sight Art Society
* Nature Group
*Iraqi Group for Arts
*Afkar Group
*Friends of French Language Society

Art Teacher in Secondary School for Creative Students / Baghdad -Iraq

London– France – Italy- Chicago –New Zealand –United Arab Emirates –Tunis –Lebanon –Oman- Syria

Contact Details:
Mobile No. : 009647711333044
: 009647702 619 611
E-mail Address: raoufalattar@yahoo.com

Personal Exhibitions:
1st Exhibition -1993
2nd Exhibition -1998
3rd Exhibition -1999
4rth Exhibition –Art Centre2000
5th Exhibition –Art Centre2001
6th Exhibition –Babel Hall 2002
7th Exhibition –First Iraqi meeting-Art Centre 2003
8th Exhibition –Hunting Club 2004
9th Exhibition –Al Doroubi Gallery 2005
10th Exhibition –Hunting Club 2008
11th Exhibition "Hadith Fenjan 2" 2009

Preparation and Participation in the following Festivals:
1- From the 1st to the 8th Hunting Club Art Festival-(2008, 2009, 2010)
2-The First Festival for Valentine Day –Al Zawraa Park 2010
3-Friends of French Language Society –Arthadoks Club 2009
4- Around the World Friend ship Institution 2008
5-Fashion World Festival – Fine Art College for Girls 2005

Establishing an Art Exhibitions as follows:
*At Al- Mustansirya University –Engineering College 2010
* With Friends of French Language Society 2010

Participations in the following events:
1- Art Exhibition of musical instruments - Art Centre 1988
2- Art Exhibition – Ablah Art Gallery (1996, 1997, 2001)
3- Sketches and Graphic Exhibition – Al Orfali Art Gallery 2001
4-Art Exhibition –Ruaya Art Gallery 2001
5- Spring Yearly Exhibition –Al Orfali Art Gallery 2002
6- Art exhibition – Art Centre2002
7-Friends Exhibition –Ablah Art Gallery 2002
8-Summer Exhibition – Al Orfali Art Gallery2002
9-Babylon International Festival –Art Centre 2002
10-Youth Artists Exhibition – Al Doroubi Art Gallery2003
11-Art Centre Exhibition –Art Centre 2003
12-Letter of Hope Exhibition-Artist s Society 2003
13-Small Dreams –Art Academy 2003
14- The First Art Exhibition – French cultural Centre2003
15-The First Art Exhibition for the Youth For The Sake of Art Society – Hunting Club 2004
16-From Ur to Baghdad Art Exhibition –UNISCO, Ministry of Culture 2004
17-The Second Yearly Gathering- Fine Art College 2004
18- The Peaceful Co-Existence Festival –Afkar Group-Al Sulaymania 2004
19- The Iraqi Gathering for Art 2004
20- Optimism sight (Tri Exhibition) - Al Doroubi Art Gallery 2004
21- Peace Festival-Afkar Group –National Theatre 2004