Aspen Willow Fine Art Photography Gallery

Aspen Willow Fine Art Photography Gallery

I love to photograph life - scenery, animals (especially dogs, cats, and horses), plants - everything that is on earth as we know it. Photographs are like frozen memories of various aspects of life.

Some of my photos are digitized to give them a more paint brushed look, or abstracted to create a surreal perspective. If you look closely at my images, you will see special touches that give it a character of it's own. Photographs from my Private Collection are digitally signed, and sold in limited numbers. I hope you enjoy my work.

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If you like to put images on scarves, cell phones, computers, cups, mugs and such, go to:

Scenery and Landscapes

Water Falls


Siberian Huskies, Snow Dogs and Sled

Animals, Birds and Wildlife

Dog Prints

Trees, Flowers and Plants

The Secret Lives

Dog Art

Fine Art Gallery

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