Earlier Works


I fell in love with magic and art around the age of 7. Watching master magician Doug Henning create something out of nothing and the neighbor and art teacher Mrs. Foss make a picture both inspired a sense of wonder in me.

I took classes after school from Mrs. Foss and I practiced my magic tricks from the tv magic kit my uncle bought me for my birthday. The magic seemed to take hold more and I began performing shows everywhere I could from birthday parties to school assemblies.

I studied journalism and business at USC and got involved in a number of entrepreneurial pursuits - always involved in the design and marketing of whatever it was. After college I went to work for Turner Broadcasting, then DIRECTV, Qualcomm, Yahoo and IMDb/Amazon. I did a little painting and a little magic, but not very often.

Then one day I decided when I was frustrated over a deal I was working on, I picked up some paints and brushes and did my best to copy a famous Rothko painting I had seen. Then I started mixing colors and scraping and just "doing art projects".

Since my work involved me traveling all over the world, I would find a way to sneak a visit in whichever museums or galleries I could find. I visited Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris, Beijing were some of the stops where I got to see the Masters up close.

Two years ago I went back to school a masters in spiritual psychology (long story), and one of my classmates, appropriately named Violet, encouraged (pushed) me to start showing people my art that I only quietly enjoyed, and declare myself an Artist. She insisted I post something on Facebook immediately, and experience the feeling of not be attached to anyone liking it other than me.

So I did it. The response I received was heart-warmingly positive. Friends from all periods of my life sent me encouraging notes that buoyed my confidence. This website is my next 'three-foot toss' of stepping into being an Artist.

So here I am, painting and selling art - something I've always to do. But first I had to get out of my own way and release the story of not being trained, needing more practice and other self-limiting thoughts.

I paint because it makes me happy.

I hope you enjoy too.

Love, Matt