Natalia Bruno

Natalia Bruno

The pictorial and two-dimensional work of Natalia Bruno has its foundations in her work as a sculptor, from which she begins to address contemporary problems of the human being in her social and cultural sphere, using irony, exaggeration and drama to compose her characters and bring her series "The Alienated" to life. His drawings and paintings are characterized by being very visually charged, multiple and particular characters inhabit them. The "must be, do and belong" in contrast to the "want to be", are some of the points of analysis for the artist. His characters represented as dolls or objects allow Natalia Bruno to compose a visual and conceptual game between subject and object, in which both concepts are distorted to be "maybe" part of the same issue.

Born in June 6 of 1985, Buenos Aires, Argentine.

Visual art teacher and set designer (Teatro Colón). He has participated in the workshops of teachers Leo Vinci and Raúl Ponce. In 2009 he carried out work clinic with Eduardo Medici and began to exhibit collectively and individually. It has been convened to participate in UCES art gallery, Municipal Museum of Fine Arts of Luján and the Borges Cultural Center.

In 2016, he is a selected artist in the María Candela Gómez Masía Foundation and in the Vittal Foundation in Espacio MODOS painting competition.

In 2017 and 2018 he obtains mention in drawing of the Thesis Bookshop Drawing Salon exhibiting at the Newbery Central Art Gallery.

In 2018, she is also selected from the BANCOR painting prize, participating in the Arq. Tumburini Museum in the city of Córdoba.

Among his exhibitions are "Los Alieados", Municipal Museum of Fine Arts Fernán Felix Amador (Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina); “I am what I am”, Ohpen Gallery (CABA, Argentina); Exhibition of paintings, Scarlet Gallery (CABA, Argentina); “Of habits and the other game” in the art gallery of UCES (CABA, Argentina), “Un-made” Borges Cultural Center (CABA, Argentina), “Folds” in Het Familie Museum next to Project Tours (Maastricht, Holland ). “Intermittent” María Candela Gonzalez Gómez Masia Foundation (CABA, Argentina), Espacio Modos (CABA, Argentina)

He has also participated in national and international fairs, among which we can mention:

Expotrastiendas, 2010 and 2011 edition Argentina; Salon D Art Abordable, France; MIA-Art Fair and ArteAmericas Art Fair, Miami.

They have work: J. T. Borda Hospital (CABA, Argentina) and the University of Business and Social Sciences (CABA, Argentina).

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