Self-trained abstract painter with my own mixture of primary color mixed together for what I need for expression. Stretched canvas, with only painters knives as tools. My designs now mostly deal with future scientific, and religious ideological thoughts for better changes to be made in human life, and it’s continuation in good spirit of future live, toward possible unending better life process in changing to formations as naturally increasing goodness, both body, and mind, likely through reincarnations...Totality to never end forevermore better in every possible proven form of existing matter. Mass, space, time continuum. Big time change is due in our world today for a better future life, that few may think of. My reason, purpose is mostly in prospective of the thoughts that I have in the image projected to the viewer. I have a intuitively goodness as actions for mankind’s future, with thoughts that come true to mind that seem to be real, when the image is worthy for good collective learning in peacefulness for human knowledge to gain. I show these good changes in the paint for drawing attention, in unusual, yet logical scenarios.
For what it’s worth, the explaining has no correct meaning for exact needed actions. A concept very hard to understand. Therefore painting is in order. Say a picture paints a thousand words. I am saying in the paintings I do.The thoughts that I have cannot be put into enough words, so I paint intuitively, and wait for some good image to appear, stop, step back and view. After touching up I look until the painting seems done, and the title comes to my mind as I paint.... Acrylics do not last long, and made of water....the most precious resource on earth today, in the long shot, at least. And my paintings indicate on how scientific measures in quantum physics, and Astro physics will be a beginning to the salvation of our human race....The most abstract diversification on this planet today....In the separation of our human race, as in diversity of most everyone we know. I feel that human salvation must come through human inspiration of good thoughts for good value to all life. Evil will be proven mental illness, and it is up us for learning together in peaceful ways, how migration into space must come to be a value, before our planet is destroyed, or the sun burns out. Whatever comes first, we have a birthright obligation, to see we can save our speciesism of life for its future time continuation. Very hard concept to grasp...times changes very quickly, and intelligent design, not so fast. If we don’t understand things, confusing discord between people become real. But to speed things up, anything might be possible to salvage our species. It’s not to be scared, because in time we will without hesitation be able to do it. No doubt in my mind. We do have a creator....Positively!!! This world is most certainly coming together in peace for real... no worries no problems, nothing to hurt us, all together in peace, eventually we will have to migrate into space. Any way I do have ideological thoughts in the quantum, and Astro physics as natures of human existence, and feel the need for my paintings to come out. Whoever you are, it does not change one thing in the future big scheme of life, to me.....If you get my drift in the cloud ☁️! If you happen to be looking for the truth in life, then be happy. Check out a couple I sent, and I will be sending more....Give me a call if you want to..... Just your average man, with a decent family. And many may take an interest.....I have many done...... if you want look at my Facebook page. Billy Mason Keene......No real big deal. Just a hobbie for about 50 years, but now today I think I might be on to something good, towards better life.....if you love, hopefully, anyway, mostly, very good enough! 9892745061....
Email is ok. mason501@sbcglobal.
Make a comment if you want, Also looking for a promoter in the art field.
I have volumes of paintings done.

The world in its hands

God save the Queens Bees



Future Acrylic Abstract Displays