Marzena Salwowska

Marzena Salwowska

I started to paint again after a very long break, after many years, so despite my advanced age (41), my work is only a few months old. Despite this, my watercolours have been already appreciated - I am the creator of March for portal. In the near future (October 2015) I'm also going to have an exhibition in ToruĊ„. In my paintings I try to combine realism (but not hyper-realism) with imagination and emotions.

Some of attached works come from a series of female portraits entitled: WOMAN IS A FLOWER OF ALL SEASONS. In this project, I intend to present the ladies of all ages, at different stages of life, in costumes from different eras, representing various aspects of femininity.

A large part of my work is in private collections, therefore only few pieces are available.

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