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MarySue Flick - Noble Design Co.

About MarySue Flick

I am an artist working out of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, who specializes in oversized paintings, pet portraiture, mural work, as well as fero-cement and wire-screen sculpture. I want to paint the world! Everywhere I look, I see a canvas begging for art: the walls in my studio and home, overgrown concrete walls, wooden fences. They all call to me. It is my great hope that I can use my painting abilities to bring beauty to some of the declining areas of my neighborhood, thereby bringing pride and happiness to my community.

I have been working in the Pittsburgh area as a set painter in a variety of theatre settings since 2006, where my work has been seen by many in over 25 Pittsburgh-area children’s and high school musicals. Although my primary contribution to these musicals was set painting, I have also been asked to do quite a bit of specialty costuming and prop work.

During my work on Pine-Richland High School’s 2009 production of Carousel, the set designer decided to build a life-sized, functioning carousel on stage. I was challenged to create wire-screen horses for the carousel to be made out of black aluminum so that when the on-stage carousel was not a part of the set it could essentially “disappear” through the magic of light. This was my first introduction to working with this material and, after creating a proto-type for sizing purposes, I created six full-size carousel horses for the production. Needless to say, I fell in love with this medium and have continued to experiment with it.

When I paint, my favorite subjects are natural settings, pet portraits, flowers, gardens, and some of the amazing architectural features and buildings around me. McKees Rocks and Pittsburgh are full of them! I am also an avid gardener, and I dabble in fero-cement to add elements of garden art to my surroundings. A great weekend for me is one spent outside digging in the dirt and creating art, then sitting back to enjoy the view.

On this website, you can view some of my more traditional work and pet portraiture. Enjoy!