Marilene Salles Fineart

Marilene Salles Fineart

Since childhood, art has been a constant in my life. I started painting when I was only five years old. My interest for the arts came from my mother, who is also an artist, and she believes it is never too early to introduce a child to the world of art. Being in touch with Art at such an early age developed my self-confidence, expression and creativity, tapping into my individual and unique perceptions. I believe it will help me stay in tune with my creative side throughout my entire life.

My art is about colour, movement, and happiness.
My hidden self with the world around me makes my life and art intertwine on a daily basis, blending my spirit with matter into my own masterful way.
Sometimes I spend hours observing the world around me through my double lens to bring my soul vision into the earthly.
The vibrant, saturated colours, overly intense light, fluid forms and textures taps into my individual and unique perceptions bringing me joy and wonder - the sheer luminosity of life, humanity and the cosmos, often leaves me speechless.
Through my art I can express what I experience helping me to find a deeper understanding of this vast universe and my place within it.

My objective is to provide the audience with a painting that is an exciting, visually pleasing piece, full of energy, depth, and power - the very power to which Kandinsky speaks in his quote:
"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul." (V.Kandinsky).