Mary-Jo Amato

My uncle was a great Italian artist, Cerreti was his family name. My father followed in his footsteps. I am a social worker and one day I decided to try painting as I was overwhelmed with work and needed an outlet. I truly enjoyed it and it felt really good to finish a painting. Every time I create a painting I surprise myself. Someone asked me if they could buy one of my paintings and at the time I wasn't ready to let go of a piece of my art as I feel it is a part of me. But now I am ready to share my art with the world...I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it.

I am also open to creating something that is unique to your desires, something unique for your home, or tailored for your personality or possibly something that may be a gift for a loved one, just contact me and tell me what your interested in.

But mostly please enjoy!