Marvin King

Marvin King

Born in the unassuming city of Lubbock, Texas, Marvin King soon moved to the town of McAllen, where his father was a Border Patrol Agent. His mother, an artist, took him to Art classes and introduced him to colors and materials, which he used to materialize the influence that Life in a small border town had on him.

Marvin went on to study Architecture at the University of Houston, a city where his exquisite pen and ink skills were valued, and his concepts of creative lighting and unique shadowing style were put to use in countless architectural and conceptual renderings for many large Houston firms. He also pioneered techniques of hand drawn animation, producing short films for TV.

The artistic persona of E   .   J   .   F   l   a   t   o    wouldn’t be born much later, and provided Marvin with an outlet for his endless creativity, which now could not only be seen on his drawings and painting, felt on his sculptures, but also heard on his music: an unheard fusion of boogie-woogie, classical blues and fast-paced Americana. Through many collaborations (including Bobby Doyle, Spencer Perskin, and by being one of the minds behind Austin’s very own Armadillo World Headquarters, a landmark of the 70’s in Texas), Marvin/E   .   J   .   have released over a dozen records.

Nowadays, Marvin can be found either in his backyard carving blocks of marble, or sitting at the piano at his home recording studio, drinking a cup of coffee, breaking a boogie and making everyone smile, always sharing his love/lust for finger joy…