Maude Folks

Maude Folks

Native to the Atlanta Georgia area, Maude has been an insatiable creative force her entire life. As a small girl, Maude was surrounded by strong, creative and spiritual women and over the course of her lifetime, has parlayed the lessons learned from those women into her own dynamic style--both artistically and personally.

As a single mother, raising four children in sometimes harsh and difficult circumstances, Maude never lost sight of her artistic vision or creative dreams. Her deep love and concern for the plight of our planet and so many of the unfortunate souls upon it, has led Maude into a creative expression that leans heavily on re-purposed media. Nothing goes to waste in the creative world of Maudine Benton-Fall. Everything from a simple safety pin to an exquisite sea shell, lovingly gathered from all manner of fascinating locations--a quiet beach, the detritus of every day life, discarded or given away--finds its place in Maude's art.

Perhaps, most importantly, those simple, repurposed items, create the foundation for the sculptured souls she has captured in artistic form from all corners of the earth. And, sculptured souls is perhaps the cornerstone of Maude's art. Her uplifting view of her own cultural heritage is unflinching and heartfelt--making every piece she crafts come to life with pathos and personality, as well as character and, ultimately, joy.

Optimistic, realistic, and creatively fearless:

Maudine Benton-Fall
Folk-Artist /Art Instructor

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