Martin Johan Härd

Martin Johan Härd

Martin Johan Härd, born in 1958, is a Swedish painter. Art has always been a big part of Härds identity where he feels at home, and decided to become an artist when he was in his younger teens. It was not a difficult choice because he have always drawn and painted as long as he remember - things from life, society, imagination. During the 80's Härd attended a private art school in Liège, Belgium, and worked as an apprentice at various artists in Belgium, Holland and France for 4 years.

Profound Musings in Paint

Härds painting is colorful and often very rich in content. Each picture tells a detailed own story and is based on an inner drive to want to say something. It's a way of communicating simply, a form of conversation. Härds contribution to the conversation is an image that can be interpreted in many different ways.

Materiality and Colour

Härd, works with a variety of mediums and explores the different material qualities of oil, acrylic, gouache and drawing. The relationship between man and his surroundings is explored through the bold, saturated and often clashing colours, showing the contentions linked to our very existence.

International Collections

Härd, has exhibited extensively, in both group and solo shows across Europe and in the United States and the West Indies. His works belong to a number of private and public collections worldwide, including the Nordic Museum, Seattle, United States and the Landskrona Museum in Sweden.