Martin Cayless

Martin Cayless

Thank you for visiting my shop. I hope you find something to interest you.
My range of art has encompassed technical illustration, cartooning, soft pastel portraits of pets (mainly dogs, cats, horses or other domestic pets) and mixed media, semi abstract outdoor scenes and flowers.
I mostly use acrylic paint and inks as well as oil and soft pastels.
The paintings are produced on either watercolour paper, mount board, MDF, pastel paper or canvas.
My studio is at my home in Wokingham, Berkshire in England. If you would like to ask any questions, please do so via this site. My current paintings for sale are also listed on eBay
Prior to retirement, during my career in Export Sales, and as photography has also been a lifelong hobby, I have had the opportunity to photograph and sketch many interesting scenes in several countries throughout the world. Many of the subjects I have painted, and which are shown here, are based on those records and images.
All my paintings are ORIGINAL and my own work, so if you order the original, if it is still available, you can be certain that you are getting an original work of art. Current work is also listed on my eBay UK site:-

However, I also offer many of my paintings as prints on papers and other surfaces, as listed here. Please order these, or the original if it is still unsold, using this site. If the original is still unsold, then I will list it below. I can also consider commission projects, particularly for the pet portraits in pastel.
I hope I can be of service to you in some way, and thank you again for looking at my paintings.
Best wishes

Mixed Media Paintings

Pastel Pet Portraits