Martina Flanagan Art

Martina Flanagan Art

My name is Martina Flanagan. I originally come from a little village called Boherlahan in County Tipperary Ireland. But I am currently living in Cork City. Let me tell you a bit about myself and my artistic journey. Upon graduating school, I spent four years studying animation, but I soon realized that sitting in front of a computer screen and working for someone else was not what I wanted in a career. So, I decided to go back to the basics of traditional art and studied for the next 3 years at Crawford College of Fine Arts and Design. While attending college and perfecting my art skills I decided to start my own online art business and thus Martina Flanagan Arts was born.
I consider myself to be a spiritual artist. My favourite topics to paint have always been Goddesses, nature spirits like faeries and elementals and animal spirit guides. The reason why I have chosen this genre is because it is through my art that I am able to channel important messages and lessons from the other side. This usually happens when I meditate or even when I listen to a particular song. An image would appear in my mind's eye and would simply have to draw or paint it down before I lost it.
So you see I don’t just paint to create a pretty picture but to pass on the knowledge and wisdom of those watching over us from the other side, like the angels, spirit guides or ancestors. I paint to inspire and empower all those who gaze upon my paintings.

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