Martin Michaud's Paintings

Martin Michaud's Paintings


First, thanks for visiting my online gallery. I am more than honored to have you contemplating my art.

I am a young Canadian professional who recently had a revelation for art and paintings.
Long story short, at a young age (around 8 years old), I remember I had artistic interests. I was drawing and painting until one day where my life suddenly changed and I completely buried that side of me to replace it for a more rational way of thinking; numbers, business and mathematics. You won't be surprised to learn that a few years later, I became an Engineer and made my entrance in the ''corporate world''.

I was successful and I knew how to manipulate numbers and formulas but something was missing in my life and even with that success, I wasn't completely happy. After a long personal quest, one day I had a revelation that suddenly answered all my inner questions. I bought a canvas and some paint and using only my hands and a spatula I had found in a drawer, I created a stunning artwork.

From that moment, I knew that I had to let art coming back in my life. Since then, I feel blessed and I found that balance between my artistic and my rational sides. This balance is reflected in my artworks and it gives unique results.

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