martha gipson

martha gipson

I am a St. Petersburg, Florida artist. I paint in oils, unless I am using gouache when painting plein air. Please check out my website. Paintings that you see can be added to artpal to sell or to produce a print or mug. Feel free to email any requests or inquiries:

My work can be described as ethereal, romantic, expressionistic, sensuous and spiritual. It is romantic in that I am fascinated with the sublime as well as the beautiful, with a longing to convey emotional intensity, movement, elusive energy. I choose to disregard or distort aspects of the subject, consciously and unconsciously. I am not confined by the reference. Landscape and figurative references are sometimes obscured into illusion or abstraction, and can take on human characteristics. I like to create a sense of ambiguity, letting elements of nature become indistinct from one another.

Martha Gipson

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