Marta's digital abstract

Marta's digital abstract

Hello..My name is Marta Gasper. I'm a digital artist living in Fairbury, Nebraska, United States...drawing, coloring, creating unexpected worlds is my passion today. I feel I was born to chronicle the world around me through my art. As a child in 1950's and 60's Argentina I traced horses, cattle, wildlife, country customs, cartoon characters and much more.

As a young woman I took my sketchbook to dances at the local college so I could draw the scene there. I felt entitled to do that after reading of bohemian artists that sketched in the cafes. But Bahia Blanca in the late 60's was not Paris in the 1900' matter, images were transferred to canvases. That was my oils and other media phase.

After retirement, I picked up my brushes_so to speak, actually it is stylus and mouse, a completely new medium_ and here I am finding new forms and their lives. My favorite painters are Toulouse-Lautrec and Kandisky..welcome to my world, enjoy your stay, take a peek at the Baubles, 2D and 3D, at Space and others

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