Marsha's Crafts

Marsha's Crafts

Retired medical assistant for allergy clinic in Houston Texas. I have been painting and crafts for 50 years. I started making face masks out of necessity. When COVID-19 hit the United States I was traveling in Scottland and England, so of course I was quarantine for 2 weeks upon my return. PPE for hospitals was extremely hard to get. My daughter is RN and ask if I could make masks for staff. I did make and donate to hospital. I then expanded to my neighborhood for free. When I ran out of supplies and able to buy more,I tried selling to cover my cost. I got so many compliments on my material design. With the 2nd round of COVID-19 hitting in May I have decided to retire. Due to my age I am considered high risk ,especially working in Medical field. As an allergy nurse ,my masks are good for people with environmental allergies and compromised immune systems. So now my goal is to continue to hep people 1 mask at a time.

I have been painting for years .All my works are mixed media . I have gathered items from my world travels to include in my work. I gave away to friends and family. I still have a box full in storage. With retirement time to downsize ,so will put my work up for sale.


Mixed Media Paintings

Fashion Face Coverings & Scrub Caps