The Marmot Farm

The Marmot Farm

I am an illustrator with an unusual style that I cannot necessarily explain without reference to the artwork. I use pen - black, red and yellow gold - and 9x12 bleedproof paper. Words are added often and is purposely obscured by penmarks, color and scrappy unreadable writing. This is done on purpose to increase the mystery of the art's meaning. I cannot read them myself. But the viewer is invited to try. There is no orientation. Each angle presents a new vision. I should add that one piece in my gallery is actually digital art called run like a cat. But I wanted to include it for its intensity and unusual dream nature.

My approach is unique. I no longer create the art. I allow the art to create itself. Every line, word, color... all exist in the paper already at hand. It is my role as a discoverer that defines an already present piece of art. I am not an auteur. I am an explorer. I try to stay out of the process.

Interesting note, I drew for years without color only using black pen. The artwork was exquisite, intense and meaningful. I just happened to stumble upon an entire bin of my old drawings including half attempts and poor starts. Hundreds. I sign and date everything I draw. Everything. These pieces date back to 2005.

Years later, around 2017 and after a 2.5 year struggle with depression, I picked up the pen again. However, I could not duplicate the form and technique of my past work. I was frustrated and thought I had lost my creativity. The lines were crooked and poorly defined. Themes were non-existent. Eye movement and focal points were poorly executed.

Then, in 2019, after 2 years of persistent trials, a friend suggested color. I started to experiment with red and then golden yellow. The lines created themselves and form began to surface. My words, though still unreadable, became my diaries again. ZING! It all came back to me.

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