I have been painting since I was very young. In the 70's I join a class of out of the box painters and started painting abstracts. I wanted to loosen up my still life, landscapes etc.
Most of my abstract paintings are on Yupo paper. It is a smooth white plastic surface allowing the watercolors to sit on top and dries into a clean vibrant layer of color. It is a challenge even now, and the end result is always a surprise.
I experimented with different applications and found it was a perfect medium for me, unpredictable, challenging, and exciting. I use many different was to apply it, brushes, rollers, bubble wrap and anything else that give the appearance of texture. The results are wonderful. You can find out more about Yupo paper on YouTube.
I don't always plan what I paint. I start with color, and composition and maybe shapes, the rest seems to unfold little by little. I start with a blank piece of paper, stare at it for a while and then jump in and let it happen. The tricky part is to know when the painting is finished. It's always a surprise, even to me.
Thanks for you interest, Marly