tasmanianartist D1g1tal-M00dz

tasmanianartist D1g1tal-M00dz


About Artist and Author, Marlies Bugmann
Experimenting by combining traditional and digital painting with photography; the journey that began decades ago with folk art, then architecture, book illustrations and covers continues in bold colours and daring shapes. ~ Together with book illustrations and cover art came the passion for writing fiction: children's adventure novels, followed by a 13-year journey of translating the Western-genre fiction novels of German writer Karl Friedrich May (1842-1912).

Since June 2000, my artist name, which at the same time is also the name of my dot com domain (my website), is 'tasmanianartist'.

Now, sadly, arthritis in my hands no longer allows me to hold a pencil or brush steady enough to draw or paint. BUT tablet + thick stylus means I can transform my pencil drawings into coloured 'masterpieces' thanks to the magic of my Corel Painter. My fascination with fractalmakers and macro photography of flowers are good replacements for traditional drawing and painting - hence the Gallery Name of 'tasmanianartist D1g1tal-M00dz'.

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