Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor

I lived In London from 94'-02' attending school there as a boy. I have lived and visited since 1967 my grandparents/parents both of English Irish decent. I have always had a great fascination with London and attended its various attractions historical areas often.
I was never rich but would visit the paintings at the galleries every weekend.
I worked a day job after getting a degree in Art in 88' after high school.

I have done a lot of labor and bad jobs over the years been on many ships and across the Atlantic/Bay of Biscay and the channel on one and hit a dreadfully bad storm! I love adventure and art second generation artist after my mom Angela Wardrop Irish artist-from county cork.

I have been painting drawing since childhood and doing shows since 88'. I sold my first painting at age 17 and am still selling; selling four in 16' and two so far this year I love people and doing shows.
I try to do as many art shows as I can See me Sat @ Chilton CO. Arts Fest, Aug 3rd First Fridays Florance, AL

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