Photography of Mark Polege

Photography of Mark Polege

Mark Polege was introduced to photography during a stint at Clayton High school in the mid 1980’s. Though mostly self taught, photography has been a part of his life during his years of traveling & moving around the U.S. It really launched to a whole new level after a move to rural North Dakota from South St.Louis in 1998.

After spending 6 years exploring the back roads & abandoned farms frozen in time, he could not resist the urge to capture, and in a sense, record the places he discovered. “The thrill of discovering a place not touched for decades by anything other than the harsh elements of North Dakota was almost intoxicating. Some places looked almost apocalyptic to the point that you can’t help but wonder what it must have been like in its prime.” It is this same creative desire that drives Mark to shoot architecture while continuing his hunt of forgotten places upon his return to the St.Louis region in 2004, now in color as well as black & white.

Mark’s fine art photography tends to focus mostly in the area of black & whites. “I’ve photographed in both black & white & color, but black & white speaks to me more. The shapes, the shadows, the textures, it is an almost haunting capture of the things we are today but will never be again.”

Though his first love is black & white, Mark has applied his design experience to bring color and composition to a whole new level. Visit his website and experience his photographic work for yourself.