Marko Stout is a true multimedia artist who specializes in vibrant metallic pop paintings, sculptures and experimental films. Stout's style is unmistakable; his bold use of vibrant color and glamorous elements have captivated audiences across the globe and earned him a reputation as one of New York's most prominent modern artists.

“Marko Stout is an Art World Superstar” – GQ Magazine
"Marko Stout is One of the Most Important Artist of Our Time" – Glamour Mag.
“Marko Stout s a Rising Star in the Artworld” -The Village Voice

Marko Stout is a New York based artist known for his bold style and vibrant colors with a unique contemporary approach to modern portraiture. He has been featured in countless publications including GQ Magazine, Maxim, Glamour Magazine, and numerous other publications. His work has also been exhibited in galleries around the world and his paintings, sculptures and other works are held in various private and corporate collections. Stout has also become a favorite among many celebrity collectors including The Kardashians, Boy George, Debra Messing, Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, Paula Abdul and others. Boy George said of the artist, “Marko Stout is always contentious, contemporary and cool". Stout’s influences range from Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali to Nan Goldin and Jeff Koons, but he ultimately creates art that is all his own unique style.

"Marko Stout is Always Contentious, Contemporary and Cool "
- Boy George

"Marko Stout's Art is Fantastic. I'm a Fan!"
- Kevin O'Leary (Shark Tank)

"Marko Stout's Art is Cool and I'm a Big Fan"
- Paula Abdul

"We're Very Excited for the Marko Stout Exhibition"
- Caityln Jenner (The Kardashians)

“Seriously, I’m a Big Fan.... Marko Stout’s Incredible!”
- Debra Messing (Will & Grace)

Marko Stout has been the featured in numerous solo exhibition and international shows such as Art Basel in Miami. He has also been the subject of many prestigious news and magazine articles including Forbes Magazine, who posted an article entitled, “Marko Stout Continues to Wield his Supremacy as a Multimedia Artist” and Haute Living who featured and article, “Marko Stout is Changing the New York Art Scene”. Vogue, Maxim and OK! Magazines have also featured articles about the artist.

Marko Stout's paintings are vibrant, colorful, sensual and definitely eye-catching. Inspired by Pop Art and Surrealism, Stout's paintings feature enlarged lips in a variety of vibrant hues. Some lips are adorned with jewelry, while others are simply outlined in bold strokes of paint. But all of the artist's work have one thing in common: they're incredibly seductive. Stout uses a variety of techniques to create his signature style, which is both erotic and playful. His bold use of color and shape accentuates the curves and contours of the form, while his use of light and shadow adds depth and dimension.

Whether you're looking at Marko Stout's art in person or via one of Stout's many prints, it's impossible to resist the urge to stare, and that's exactly what Stout wants his viewers to do. "I want people to feel like they're being pulled into the painting," he says. "I want them to feel the sensuality and the energy." With their bold colors and suggestive shapes, it's no wonder that Stout's paintings have gained a loyal following among art lovers. If you're looking for a piece that will add a touch of glamour to your home or office, look no further than Marko Stout!

These prints are sure to provoke desire and ignite the senses!

Sex Lips