My name is Mark and I have been painting abstracts since I was a teenager. I recently decided to reinvent those fun days and create more abstract paintings. My biggest reason for painting is that it sets me free from the fire inside my brain. I have my share of problems that are medical, but under control with medicine.

To me there is nothing better then a fresh canvas in front of me. I don't wonder what I will create next. I like to think of it as "Blind Painting." Oil painting is my favorite, It is so cool to use the fan brush to blend colors and make a pattern. Perhaps I will use the fan brush to make a consistent circle. Perhaps I will smooth the colors and blend them into each other. It's like making love but it's on a canvas.

I think of Abstract Art has no boundaries, and is random. What I mean by random is that you are in right place and the right time with the right mood. To me there is no bad abstract. It's a mirror of the artist who creates it.

The idea of my works in another person's home is astounding to me. Way after I am gone that artwork will be passed down to another generation in that home. I am literally dripping with sweat when I am done each painting because I use all of my heart and soul to create each piece of work.

I enjoy using oil and acrylic for my paintings. Most of my paintings are 16X20 inch flat canvas and 23x30 inch wrapped canvas I do posses a B.S in Elementary Education K-8 and worked in the classroom for a number of years.