Mark S Fine Art

Mark S Fine Art

I am a contemporary artist specialising in modern art and avid travel photographer, focusing on landscapes, nature and wildlife photography.

I love art. Art adds depth to our existence. It enriches us. I strive to tell stories through my artwork- which windows into who I am; to let the world see this from my unique angle.

As a travel photographer, I choose to capture images off the beaten track.

Born in the South East Asian island of Singapore, an emerging an art destination, I was exposed to art world at an early age. Singapore sits at the confluence of the Eastern and Western traditions. The modern city has a rich Asian culture that has evolved from its roots as a migrant community, with our forefathers coming from China, India, Indonesia, Europe and beyond. As a melting pot of cultures, this region is home to small cultural communities that are hardly found elsewhere, including a unique "Peranakan" community that infuses Chinese and Malay. This is reflected in who I am, and in my art. I am myself of mixed parentage.

CUSTOM ARTWORK? I would love to help!

I hope my art speaks to you.

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Mountains (photography)

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