Marius van Niekerk

Marius van Niekerk

I am a South African/Swedish artist, filmmaker, writer and activist, an existential therapeutic necessity driven by the demons of my past growing up during the 70’s and 80’s apartheid conflicts in Southern Africa, that let to anti-war activism and later political exile in Europa/Scandinavia.

"My work often inspired by childhood and war experience, centres around a central theme “the human dilemma/human stain”. Strained compositions of abstract-expressionistic, sometimes more figurative images driven vividly, suggest the burden of violence, a search for identity and initiation, the strain of paint on untreated canvas and raw paper, in a bright pallet of sometimes runny, distorted forms and colours layered, contrasted with sometimes straight, more harmonious forms and colours, reinforced by a powerful image-message and misplaced energy. I sometimes use my films and photographs to drive further video-images in dark room projections, in combination with supporting painting and sound, isolated, binding close-up-feeling-seeing-experience”…

We, as artist must, a mirror to society, have a responsibility, in all we do, to constantly work against oppression, discrimination and war.