I have been painting for over a year now. All of these years I have never thought it would become one of my favorite hobbies. It started with a "Sip and Paint" out with the ladies in the Spring of 2016 and has evolved to many therapeutic moments. I hope that my skill continues to grow and flourish for many to enjoy.

Art is in my genes. As a child, my brothers and I grew up in a family surrounded by artist. My mother was no exception. She taught us how to be imaginative with what we had from pencils and crayons to sock puppets. I held on to some of those creations but others were lost unfortunately. I used some of these talents in school impressing onlookers as far back as kindergarten with drawings and holiday crafts as all children do. From cupids on Valentine's Day to cooked turkey (not the usual bird with feathers) for Thanksgiving, these were a few memories I can recall back then. Eventually, in high school I took an art class and my teacher kept a few of my pieces--a pyramid with an ankh at the summit and an African mask.

Unfortunately drawing became a past time with my old sketch pad in college that I still keep and a few small projects on the job here and there. I didn't take it anywhere like I should have. So as the years went on I felt some of it was lost. Life takes a hold of you and pulls you in other directions. Instead of studying art in college as a major, I changed it to Mass Communications which later did not serve me, so I eventually followed the foot steps of my mother and became a teacher. She of course is an Art teacher while I roamed into Language Arts. I still manage to make the class assignments interesting with ideas from time to time but following a strict curriculum can be tedious. Now my outlet and imagination is restored with canvases, brushes and paint along with a glass occasionally. I can't imagine ever leaving it behind again. Art is living!



Abstract Art