Mario Sergio Calzi

Mario Sergio Calzi

I am an italian artist born in Rosario, Argentina. I've always been autodidact, without having a determined style, I am an artist who always experiencing new forms, new techniques, ways and manners of creating art, an artist who prefers to create different day after day.
Although I have painted all of my life, I did it from passion and in my free time, because I always developed other activities. In all these years, regardless of the activities that I've held, the painting has remained my great passion. I like the colors, shades and shapes and everything I manage to build with them. I paint in different styles and techniques, therefore the monotony do not characterize me.
At the end of 2014 I decided to devote myself to this passion and to present my creations from all these years, which are now over 300. If you want to know more about me and to discover my latest works, I invite you to visit my website.

Mario Sergio Calzi - Modena, Italy
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