Marie Curran

Marie Curran

I was born and live in Belfast, Northern Ireland where I studied Design at the University of Ulster. Since then I have been doing artworks including many commissions.

I have done a wide range of subjects but animals, especially cats are my favourite. Fortunately I have found them to be a popular subject. I also have done many local Northern Irish scenes and buildings.
I work in a range of media; graphite pencil, colour pencil, pastels, watercolour, pen and ink and combinations of these – choosing whatever I feel is appropriate for the subject.

I love the opportunity I get doing artwork to focus on, and try to capture, the details of the subject – be it the strokable texture of an animal’s fur or architectural details that no-one notices as they go by.

When creating an artwork it is very important to me use high quality materials. I will only use colours with very high permanence so they will not fade. I believe if you pay money for an artwork you should be able to expect it to last. Though there are few things that can withstand prolonged direct sunlight.

I like to keep my artwork affordable therefore increasing the chance of selling the work.
This way I can recoup my costs such as framing, and move onto something else. Artists with high prices can end up with a lot of their framed work all over their own house - I don’t find this motivating.

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