Marie C. Jones Digital Art

Marie C. Jones Digital Art

Born and raised in France, I settled in Texas in 1993 (via New Orleans—a truly unforgettable city). I am a photographer, digital artist, and I write poetry and prose. I taught college English for 21 years, but am now devoting all my time to art.

My work layers and manipulates photos I take myself or borrow from others. With the help of Photoshop, I study various combinations of images and effects, using lighting, contrast, color manipulations, transparency and opacity, and other techniques. I usually layer between two and five images, but sometimes up to seven or eight.

My initial goal was simply to produce beautiful objects, but today I also have aesthetic and philosophical concerns. For example, I am keenly interested in the way layering representational images (landscapes, people, objects) produces either a surreal composition (recognizable things in bizarre contexts) or something close to abstract. One of the most fascinating aspects of the latter images is that, despite flirting with abstraction, they never reach it fully—recognizable details always remain here and there, which often yields an uncanny effect.

More works are visible on my professional Facebook page (, which you can use to contact me if you see something there that appeals to you. (Anything you like can be transferred to Artpal within a few hours.) Alternatively, you can email me at