Arts de Bergerac

Arts de Bergerac

I have always loved colour and this remains the main motivation for my work.
The feel of swirling paint, merging and blending colours is my inspiration. My work may be rooted in reality but it almost of its own accord verges towards the abstract. So whilst my original idea maybe flowers, landscape, the sea or countless other features the end product will rarely resemble the origin.

I am a self taught artist apart from five years ago I decided to take another direction in addition to my normal work.

I have always loved icons and having the good fortune to live very close to one of France's most gifted iconographers I started to study under her. A long aprrenticeship and I am still learning but I am beginning to feel confident enough to offer my work for sale. Iconography demands a totally different way of working and approach.

I have held 5 exhibitions here in France where I live permanently but I am hoping to organise exhibitions in the UK later this year.