Maria Motta

Maria Motta

My name is Maria Cristina. I'm from Brazil and I've spent most of my life trying to find myself.

I graduated in Psychology and Interior Design.

I did not know how to draw until I did the college of interior design. It was when I realized that I could and I fell in love with drawing and painting.

At that moment I started to discover myself.

But only a few years later I decided to dedicate myself to my drawings.

I discovered in the drawing an escape valve of reality that can be very hard.

My life was never filled with extraordinary facts, but I realized that through the illustrations I could tell a different story.

I've spent my whole life fighting with my demons. Questions like:
- Who am I?
- What am I doing with my life?
- Why me?
Or thoughts like:
- I don't belong here.
- I don't fit anywhere.

...always were part of my life.

My solution was to create my own world and this was possible with art.

My art allowed me to reconnect with my own nature, my emotions. Allowed me to accept my dark side, myself, my ordinary life, my past.

And that's what my art is about: living a simple life in an extraordinary way.

I hope you enjoy it.

Maria Cristina Motta
A Dreamer

Watercolor Painting

Black and White Drawings