Maria D'Angelo - Fine Art

Maria D'Angelo - Fine Art

I have always loved the feeling I get when I see the expression of joy on a person's face after I capture their beloved horse, family member or pet on paper or canvas. To me, there is no greater reward than being able to bring happiness to people through my artwork. I am most recognized for my graphite works of horses but what I love to create most is portraits of people, their children, their relatives and their pets. I have been drawing since I was a child in Staten Island, NY and often feel as though I was born with a pencil in my hand. My talent is natural and has blossomed under the mentorship I have received from acclaimed artist Krystii Melaine. I've spent much time traveling the US visiting museums, historic sites, and attending events that inspire me. I work in several mediums, always with the desire to communicate the emotions and energy of my subjects through fine details. It is these fine details that my clients most often remark about when they see my work. Detailed realism is my primary goal. I want my subjects to look as though they will come to life and leap off the paper. Less





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