My name is Maria Arias, I was born in Venezuela and I have been an animal lover and defender all my live... I started painting at the age of 8 years old. Because of the hard schedule at the school, at the age of 12 I stopped it.

I followed engineering studies, emigrate to France, running away from the chaos and Dictatorship regimen in my country and leaving everything behind. I arrived with nothing, not even the knowledge of the French language and finish doing a master and a PhD in chemistry …In 2007, I moved to the Netherlands when I could finally feel home again.

Since last 2016, I started painting again. My paintings are sold and this allows me to afford more courses, learning new techniques, improving my skills. I keep learning and trying new materials and techniques. First I used acrylic, then pastels, oils and now I am learning how to control an airbrush and this incredible technique can be mixed with pencils, brushes and even with oils...opening a new world of possibilities for me.

I donate from 20 to 10% of the value of my paintings to an animal cause. I want to promote the love for animals and love for art and specially for realism.

I wish you a fantastic day