Margaret Raven Gallery

Margaret Raven Gallery

My name is Margaret Raven and I really want to show you my latest and slightly older oil artworks.
I love painting and I have been doing it for 20 years. I was born in Poland in 1962. I'm an autodidact. My talent developed unnoticed from my childhood. My pictures have evolved with me.
My first image was as gray as socialism in my country. I really love colors, when I grew up I did not study in art school but I graduated from other schools. I am a master of economics now. I’ve tried a lot of work and profession until I found out that painting is the only work I really love. Since then, I only paint. This passion has helped me through many changes in my life, helped me understand myself and people. I took the distance and thought. I still like - discover as a new possibility of painting and love to have fun with color.

I’ve made many watercolors showing my home town in Poland - Mielec.
Between 1995 and 1997 two watercolor albums has been published. The art was very much loved by the people of my town. It was a great satisfaction for me. In Mielec's brochures and calendars have used so many of my piece of art.
In 1996, I’ve bought my first computer and watched the painting of other artists from all of the world via the Internet. It was the next step in my painting. I’ve learned how to make the first simple website. That's how I met the marchander from Chicago with whom I cooperated for 5 years under the name Magdalene Kruk. I’ve changed the color of my artworks, dealing with increasingly difficult subjects, searching and experimenting. When in 2003 I’ve bought a meadow near the town my painting positively exploded. I really do not know how this could happened, but the artwork of the meadow, which I took from the easel, blossomed as my real meadow - new and second in every day. I fell in love with my meadow I saw at sunrise, in the rain, in the fog, in the morning and in the evening and in every season ... I still paint this meadow. This is the main theme of my work.

When I paint, I travel to another world. Peace that I can feel and the joy I use to create the composition by paints. It's strange and beautiful, because I can share this joy with anyone who see my pictures. The archive of my works contains several thousand pictures. In 2015 new changes appeared. Sometimes I live in Manchester, sometimes in Poland. I meet new people, new options, watch artworks of famous artists in galleries. I really like my new life.

The presented painting is original and unique. The painter does not create two of the same oil works and does not copy other artists. She paints artworks on canvas stretched on a wooden loom. Works of art are copyrighted. Each graphic is signed by the artist in the right or left corner and owns authenticated certificate of authenticity.
Shipping is from Manchester or from Poland.