Margaret Raven Gallery

Margaret Raven Gallery

Małgorzata Kruk (Margaret Raven) from Pazdyk house, born in 16th September 1962 in Mielec, Podkarpackie province, Poland.
The painter creates images in the traditional oil technique in a style similar to post-impressionism.
The main theme of her works are wild meadows and flowers.

Malgorzata Kruk was born as a daughter of Adam and Stanislawa Pazdyk of the Mucha house.
A graduate of the Technical College of Mechanical Engineering in Mielec. Secondary School Certificate in 1984.
Since 1981, she performed in amateur theater productions Workers Cultural Centre in Mielec, now SCK in Mielec.
In 1984 she began work in WSK "PZL-Mielec" in the accounting department as a clerk economist. Four years later, she started the first business: toys production. Then she opened the circulating libraries. One and a half year she managed cafe.
In 1995, she began to create her first watercolors, sketches, oil paintings showing the hometown Mielec.
In the years 1995- 2002 she cooperated with Marchand in the USA, where as the Magdalene Kruk sent her miniature oil.
In 1996-99 she managed publishing "Anna"
In 1999-2001 she studied at the Higher School of Information Technology and Management in Mielec. The dissertation is titled "Trade of artworks in Poland."
In 2003 she defend her Master Thesis in Rzeszów University of Technology, Faculty of Management and Marketing. Master's Thesis titled "Marketing in the art trade in Poland." [1]
In 2003 she bought a land in Rzemien, near Mielec and settled there permanently. Surrounding the village, wild flower, Polish meadows inspired the artist for the next years. Since this time, it is the main theme of her artworks. She performed paintings of Polish meadows and wild flowers over the next years.
Favorite artist's painting technique: Oil on canvas. Main topics: Polish Meadow.
She is self-taught artist. Images Margaret Kruk were used in calendars, advertisements regional companies, as well as on the covers of magazines. [2]

In 1995, she begins to document hometown Mielec with watercolors, which will soon appear in print in the album "Mielec Region as painted”.
In 1997, she produces the next album "Painterly beauty of the region Mielec" invited to cooperate several artists from Mielec: Dorota Łaz, Stanislaw Mityk, Andrzej Mleczko.
In 1998, it appeared another book thematically related to the region: "The extraordinary story and an attractive contemporaneity of Community Przecław" in which Malgorzata Kruk collects illustrations, historical texts, legends and contemporary information about the Community Przecław.
In 1997 it appeared in print regional coloring book for children from Mielec "My little homeland".
Malgorzata Kruk is co-founder of the Association of Culture of Plastic name of Jan Stanislawski in Mielec.
She belongs to the Club of Creative Environment of the Friends of the Mielec land.
At present
In the 2015 she began cooperate with Agora Gallery in New York, where took place an exhibition of images of the Sub-Carpathian meadows in December 2015 under the name Margaret Raven. Her paintings can be seen on many international web portals related to art.
Artworks of Margaret Raven could be seen in three numbers of the English edition of the magazine House & Garden 2015.
She lives and creates in Poland, Rzemień, and since 2015 also in England, Manchester.

Prizes and awards
1996 Award of the President of Mielec "for special achievements in the field of culture and creative activity in the cultural life of the city”.
In 2002 Image named "I came out of the color blue" qualified for the finals of the nationwide open competition for the PICTURE OF THE YEAR 2001, organized by the magazine Art & Business.
1999 WDK in Rzeszowie.
2002 Królikarnia Palace in Warsaw Exhibition for finalists of the nationwide competition for PICTURE OF THE YEAR 2001
2010 Individual exhibition at the House of Culture in Połaniec.
2015 Humenne, Slovakia. Individual exhibition.
2015 New York – Agora Gallery