Maren Hannah

Maren Hannah

Hi, I work in the field of failure analysis with metals, which isn't exactly creative work, so I find other ways to express myself. I use a variety of mediums, and am always evolving what I do with my doodles, and photography.

My Paint Project is the only one I can say is finite. The place I used to work while in school provided the medium I used. It involved utilizing the tint that must be purged from a dispenser that is used to color the paint used in homes etc. The tint would never really dry, so each piece was disposed of once I finished with it. There are a total of 16 tints available, most of the pieces utilize all 16. With the help of gravity and a fine tipped tool I manipulated the colors, photographed the creations, then had some fun with them in Photoshop! I still have images I have yet to work on though!

My doodles have become more and more inspired only by nature, animals and plants and such. I draw the image with a light pencil, then draw the contour lines and sometimes stippling to fill in the image, then erase all the pencil lines.

My photography is anything and everything I find interesting. I like industrial images a lot, but the opportunity to photograph them is rare. But when I can I like capturing the interesting angles in industry architecture, rust on a pipe, engines, tools, and so on.

I live in Austin, Texas with my two dogs Scout and Boo.

Paint Project