Jennifer Mardyks

Jennifer Mardyks

This is always the hard part - I like my art to speak for itself and allow others to take what they will from it. Ok, so basics - I am inspired by nature and the idea of duality, mostly the "beautiful ugly". My paintings tend to take on a creepier, dark side of things but I try to throw some humor in there as well. The German Expressionists are my favorite so that's another big influencer.

Painting is somewhat thera-pudic but I really enjoy the process and various meanings of it as well. Recently, I painted a mural while I was pregnant for my daughter and it's a serene 12' x 2' piece depicting birds of different travels my husband and I have been on. Sure it's not super deep but it's super special to me.

But usually I paint in themes where one object starts to turn into another. I've done this a lot with trees and people as well as birds and people (rocks and caves and people, etc.).

I'm happy to elaborate more to anyone who is interested or wants to know more so feel free to contact me.