Mardi is a California abstract artist. Her work typically communicates subtle themes and tonal palettes that incorporate shape, patterns, mark making and textures through mixed media and collage. "My paintings evolve from a creative space within where, working in the moment, I allow myself the freedom to express without judgment or boundaries. Thoughts and ideas spill out on canvas, panel or paper as drawings, layered patterns, shapes, colors and textures that are merged, transformed and energized with paint, papers, mylar and other elements." Mardi works with velvety black charcoal, inks and acrylic paints, often sticking to a neutral palette with an occasional surprise of color. her work depicts contrasting as well as complementary textures and patterns- often primitive and tribal-like mark making and lines using a combination of materials both organic and man-made. Mardi grew up in a family of artists and studied art and design at UCLA.


Lemon Series

Mobile Series

Gallery - Aerial Landscapes